At Bell Springs, we also specialise in the manufacturing and design of custom-made springs to fit your requirements. Our experienced and skilled team have been custom designing and manufacturing springs since 1945 and are equipped with the latest technologies to design and manufacture your specific requirements.

Custom Manufacturing

We pride ourselves in quality and have the ability to reproduce springs of all types with no expensive tooling costs, particularly flat strip manufacturing.

Custom Spring Design

Can't find a stock spring that meets your needs? Using the latest technologies, we can design most spring types to suit your requirements. Simply contact us for further info.

Heat Treatment

Our latest technologies enable us to stress relieve as well as harden and temper. Our stress relief ovens are newly commissioned and are digitally monitored to ensure we provide the highest quality products to our customers.

Product Catalogue

Contact us for a full product catalogue or visit our showroom to view our range.

Large Coiler
Coiling a Tension Spring
Little Tension Springs
Packaged Tension Springs

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