About Us

Bell Springs Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated family business serving 3 family generations. Bell Springs have a proud history in the spring industry which was founded in 1945 by John Chapman. John's son, Keith Chapman, joined the family business in 1963 and took over in 1981. In 2007 Keith retired and his son, who has been with the company since 1993, is now Managing Director.

At Bell Springs we specialise in the manufacturing of all Industrial Springs. We provide custom manufacturing and spring design and offer high quality Australian manufactured products. With over 70 years' experience, we are dedicated to our customers and committed to providing the finest quality products.

Our products also adhere to the quality and safety requirements and we ensure frequent testing is conducted to ensure our products meet the necessary standards.

We are currently hiring: Spring Maker - CNC Auto Spring Setter


Industrial Springs

High Quality, Australian Made Industrial Springs